Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Embrace Your Inner Rock Star.

This week, Stella & Dot launched a holiday line sightly different than previous years. Rather than the usual sparkle expected this season, the line features adorably adorned leather bracelets perfect for gift-giving.  



Danielle Redner insists they help her channel Pat Benatar, but I'm reminded of a different short-haired dynamo: Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful, my favourite movie of all time. It's a John Hughes film (of course) and something about it just gets to me. As someone obsessed with social behaviour there is so much to contend with, like, the struggle to fit in, the dream to love and be loved and the whole process of learning how to relate to one another.


I see so much my own growing up in Watts. Especially in this scene where she's come to realize she's in love with Keith and she's desperately trying to cling to their friendship at whatever cost. Ugh. Unrequited love! It's so intense and it makes you crazy!



So, Watts, today's look is for you:



Adding a little credibility to the whole rockstar vibe, did you know Steven Tyler of Aerosmith loves Stella & Dot? Stella & Dot Stylist (and apparently my new hero), Carly Foote, met and hung out with this rock legend in Calgary. 


Legend has it, Mr. Accessories adored the Vintage Twist Bracelets she was wearing and thought they looked like 'little bullets' so she took them off her own wrist and he wore them in concert in both Calgary and Edmonton.


You are an ambassador for jewelry-lovers everywhere, Mr. Tyler. Photo evidence: 


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Like, Totally.

I am in need of a new handbag. Well, 'need' might be a stretch! But I've made a pact with myself to have Look Books on hand at all times and none of my current bags fit the bill. So, it looks like I'm in the market for one of these:

The Totally Turnlock Teri from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I'm a loyal MbyMJ fan. The leather is lovely, the design is smart and the liner is perfection! Just look at it:

My Look Books will be zipped and protected and all my junk can float around in the other interior sections. My trusty BlackBerry (well, PinkBerry) will be on hand at all times in the (totally) turnlock front pockets. Yay!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Buxom, Baby.

I'm SO in love with this Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Balm from Bare Escentuals. I happened upon it by sheer accident when I stopped at Sephora after a long day of shopping to freshen my makeup before heading out for the evening (holy cheap-o, hah).

It's not at all greasy or sticky but kind of smooth and super tingly. I am partial to the Portofino colour (pictured above), which is not at all as dark as it appears. It's a nice way to get colour on your lips without going too matte. Red lips are making a steady comeback and as I am obeying my Cardinal Rule of Fashion (if you participated in the trend the first time, you are too old to do it on the second round), I am looking to tone down the crimson kisser for 2010. Oh, and another awesome bonus? Paraben-free! Whee!

Redbook likes the S10 Stella & Dot Collection.

So much so that they have featured not one but two of the gorgeous necklaces. The delightfully quirky chartreuse-hued Palm Necklace with Starfish Brooch and the Mexican sea-inspired Cortez Turquoise and Suede Necklace.

These particular styles look so great paired with the colour of this season - navy. 

Nautical stripes of navy and white look sharp with the Palm tripled with the brooch off to the side. The yellow-green beads are separated by hand knotted turquoise silk threads for an unexpected pop of colour relating back to the whimsical enamel and hand-set pave crystal starfish.

The chocolate brown suede of the Cortez necklace feels so luxurious around your neck and the three different shaped beads add interest to any outfit.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bangles for June, according to InStyle.

The shirtdess just seems so casually cool. Like you put some work into the top but chilled out on the bottom. It's effortless effort! This month's InStyle has a cute feature: three ways to wear a shirtdress and they pair it with the Cypress Wood Bangle as one in a stack of bracelets. Pretty!